Strategic Planning Facilitation

We tend to spend more time working ‘in’ our business than ‘on’ our business. So, given the limited time dedicated to strategic planning it’s important to get the most out of that time. This is why independent external support is invaluable for effective strategic planning sessions.
As facilitators, we help clients reflect on their ‘Why’. Through supporting clients to take the perspective of all stakeholders, we help them to re-determine the reason why they are in business. This creates renewed focus and releases energy to support the execution of the agreed plan.
In our facilitated sessions, having defined stakeholders needs, we support clients to develop the tools and techniques, that will get the results they want, in a manner that will work for them.
Arising from the numerous strategic planning sessions that we have facilitated down through the years, we have found it works best to take an approach, aligned with the clients prevailing situation, rather than relying on generic systemised approaches.
The components of a typical approach might include – Analysis of the current situation from a multi-stakeholder perspective (Where are we now?) followed by, a quick review and appreciation of history (Where have we come from?) leading to, Creating the Vision (Where are we going to?). This is then followed by Objective Setting and Action Planning (How do we get there?). This approach is tailored to suit the individual client needs at the time of the intervention.

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