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Here in Ignite we provide a structured programme around Resilience Coaching which will introduce you to a number of different steps which will all help to build your resilience. But before we do that can I suggest that as a first step you start going for a walk.

Now walking, as a form of transport, has been around since we all grew legs but I’m not talking about serious mileage here, what I’m suggesting is a daily constitutional.

Going for a walk is the cheapest form of exercise you can get, as generally it’s free, but not only that it’s arguably one of the best forms of exercise for you. You don’t have to buy any specialised equipment, as your existing legs will do, and there is no annual membership charge.

The type of walk I’m talking about is say a thirty minute walk every day, at your own pace. Pick a safe location that suits you and then try and get into the habit of doing it. It will take a little effort initially, most good things do, but after a while you will look forward to it and will miss it if you don’t get out.

A gentle word of warning here, don’t try for perfectionism – good enough will do. What I mean by that is, the object of the exercise (ignore the pun) is to reduce stress, so don’t stress yourself if, because of circumstances or dreadful weather (it is Ireland after all) you can’t get out – you can always do it tomorrow. Remember we’re building Resilience here, which improves your ability to cope with stress.   

Also, for the uninitiated, walking is generally an outdoor pursuit! Therefore it also helps you connect with your senses. Take in your surroundings, the views, the sounds, the smells. These will all help to free your mind up and paradoxically people often find they can think clearer when they’re out for a walk. This can be down to the fact that you can become detached from a situation thereby allowing you to reflect and plan rather than just ruminate.

That’s enough blogging now – time to go for a walk. At Ignite we won’t hold your hand while you go for a walk but we will, metaphorically speaking, hold your hand whilst we help you build your Resilience.

If you’re interested in finding out more, give us a shout when you’re back in from your walk.

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