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We here in Ignite regularly use Harthill’s Leadership Development Framework (LDF), Sentence Completion form during Executive Coaching sessions with individuals, to assist in identifying their worldviews and characteristic patterns of action which are called ‘Action Logics’.

Basically you are given the start of a sentence and you finish it out. Each of the sentences are separately analysed for the meaning making held within the sentence – leading to an Action Logic being ascribed to each individual sentence. The results are totalled using a distribution curve and arising from that a single Action Logic is ascribed.

Stick with me because this in itself is interesting.

Your primary Action Logic has a profound impact on your Leadership approach and capability because it affects where you place your attention, your underlying assumptions, what inferences you draw and, crucially, the actions that you take.

Researchers have identified that children pass through distinct stages of development on their journey to adulthood. LDF applies this principle of development to adults in that many individuals, continuing through adult life, also experience a series of overlapping yet distinctly identifiable stages of development. These stages, as in childhood, significantly affect the abilities of people to problem solve, interpret and interact with their environment.

The LDF provides a way of understanding how a leader or manager is likely to interpret situations and thus how they may act.

There are nine sequential Action Logics in the LDF described as follows which we would normally work through as we develop over time, described as follows, from the basic Action Logic upwards:-

Impulsive – Unpredictably reactive

Opportunist – Takes the chance

Diplomat – Loyal supporter

Expert – Problem-solver

Achiever – Meets goals

Individualist – Innovates processes

Strategist – Leads transformation

Alchemist – Authentic visionary

Ironist – Creates liberating situations

Now we’re coming to the really interesting bit.

There is a detailed overview provided of the Key Characteristics and the Leadership style associated with each Action Logic and I will just provide you with the detail behind the second from the bottom Action Logic, that of Opportunist :-

Key Characteristics – Wins any way possible; Self-oriented; Manipulative; ‘might makes right’.

Associated Leadership Style – Short term horizon; focus on concrete things (like walls!); deceptive; rejects feedback; externalises blame; distrustful; fragile self-control; possibly hostile humour or be ‘happy-go-lucky’; views luck as central; views rules as loss of freedom; punishes according to ‘eye for eye’ ethic; treats what they can get away with as legitimate; seeks personal advantage; takes an opportunity when it arises.

This is not fake news but if you would like to try out the LDF for yourself to see where you slot in please give us a call here at Ignite Coaching.

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