Team Development

Ignite specialises in Team Development and we have undertaken many diverse assignments in this area.

Our team development facilitation is underpinned by the philosophy of our Gestalt based training. We like to get team members to split their focus between tactical and adaptive issues. The tactical issues, which we are all familiar and reasonably comfortable with such as financial and sales targets, meeting agendas, to do lists, project plans, timelines, milestones etc. involve the use of intellectual intelligence. Adaptive issues are about behaviour, principles, values, how people are, how the team is, and are more related to emotional intelligence. In our experience the biggest challenge and very often the biggest dividend is in advancing the adaptive agenda.

You and your organisation have three things to spend: – Time, Money and Energy. Great effort goes into managing time and money but little effort goes in to managing human energy which is a very significant and expensive resource. A lot of this resource is squandered through people investing vast amounts of energy in keeping up appearances, covering weaknesses and managing other people’s impressions of them. People also waste vast amounts of energy on needless conflict. There may be no greater waste of valuable company resources than the waste of human energy.  The way in which people work together determines the way in which this valuable resource is used. Good Team working is the best way to utilise human energy.

Alignment and congruence of senior teams is critical to the success of organisations. A ‘together’ team will always outperform a ‘not together’ team.

Our Team Building methodology is tailored to the client’s needs but generally features a mix of group and one-to-one sessions. These help to promote awareness of both self and other team members whilst creating a positive environment of high energy and strong collaboration around an agreed vision and agreed behaviours and values.

Simple things make a big difference to the performance of teams, such as having the ability to communicate openly and honestly, being authentic, being able to conflict about issues without it becoming personal and being able to focus on results.

At Ignite we facilitate teams to exploit their potential.

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